Friday, August 17, 2012

'James' the doorman

I found James online and fell in love with him, I just had to share him with you

Need a doorstop, try James the doorman, James is available in Lime, Orange, Black, Red and Blue.
James' creators, British industrial designers Dan Black and Martin Blum, developed him out of necessity: They were moving into new offices and needed something to hold the door open. As with all black + blum's pieces, James not only had to be functional, he had to have personality. Made of synthetic rubber: H 19cm W 11cm D 4cm. Please note: Maximum gap between door and floor should be 2.3cm
As his popularity rose (you can see why) the designers added to the product line, and there's now a James the Bookend for your bookshelves, too.
James the Bookend has a stainless steel plate that is fixed to his foot, ensuring that any number of books can be leant against James' outstretched arm without him slipping over. He can be used individually or as a pair. He comes in Red, Black, Orange and Blue. Made of synthetic rubber with a Stainless steel foot plate. H 19cm W 21cm D 5.5cm.
You can check out more of their awesome products at

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