Sunday, September 30, 2012

Make your own gift tags

Hello Friends
I found this great article at about making your own gift tags, I will definitely be trying some of these for xmas this year
This year, put as much love into labeling your gift as you did buying it. 
Gift tags are one of those things we think about after wrapping a gift and we generally whip up with some leftover wrapping paper, scribbling something uninspiring on it. That, or we run out and buy the first stack of snowman labels we can get our hands on at the eleventh hour.
This year, vow to be a better gift giver by putting as much love into your labeling as you do into your shopping. Here are some simple ways to add some personality to your gift and amaze your loved ones with your DIY prowess.
When you’re at the Christmas tree lot, pick up the leftover slices from the trunks and paint them using poster or acrylic paint. While you’re at it, grab all you can: they work just as well for birthdays, too. Drill a hole into it for the ribbon and use a sharpie on the back for the “to” and “from.”
Family and friends photo tags are a win win. Print out pictures of the people you love on the receiving end of your list and glue the images on shipping tags.
Go old school with your photos using embarrassing high school pictures and accidental shots of friends with their eyes closed.
 Tea stained tags are a little more work, but worth it. Brew up some strong tea with two or three tea bags. Throw your tags and tea in a shallow baking dish or plastic container and leave for a few hours. You can keep them overnight for a darker look. Pull them out to dry and start designing.
You can put just about anything on these and they look great. I chose old ornaments and glittery leaves from holiday decor.
Also try photocopied  illustrations from vintage books and wallpaper, like these found at the flea market for a song.
Finally stamp words on your gift tags with letter stamps from the craft store, the funkier the better. Even if your gift is received like a lump of coal, at the very least, it will look good.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Outdoor style

Spring is here and the outdoors are calling to me
A potted fairy garden, so cute
Now this would be perfect
I love anything to do with the ocean
The place to be on a lazy summers day
Lovely outdoor setting
Movies anyone

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Essential staples for every woman’s wardrobe

Hello Friends
Being chic isn't about having the most expensive handbag or wearing the latest trend. It's about being true to who you really are and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Real style comes from within. It is having the confidence to get organized, being a ruthless editor and trusting your own creativity. If you feel great, then you'll look great - whether your outfit cost $100 or $1000. Ultimately, be true to yourself

There’s nothing that complements an evening dress as well as an understated, equally sophisticated wrap. And while a silk-and-cashmere shawl is no substitute for a parka, it will keep you warm when your exposure to the elements is limited to quick jaunts to and from the car—and it will go just as capably with more casual attire, like jeans
Coutesy of
Evening Clutch
While a daytime bag feels a bit cumbersome during evening festivities, you still need an option for nighttime that’s big enough to hold your essentials. e.g your cell phone, cash, keys, and lipstick (yes, an essential). Try and find one with a stowaway chain strap for those times when you’d prefer to have your purse hanging from your wrist or shoulder—making it much easier to hang on to your cocktail. When this piece is not in use, store in a soft cloth shoe-bag

Little Black Dress
A black dress is synonymous with chic, sophisticated style. The dress should not be tight, but skim your curves. The most flattering length (and most versatile) is either right above the knee or right below it. A kick pleat in the back adds panache and the ability to walk effortlessly. The right accessory, whether it’s a string of pearls or patent-leather flats, will make the dress appropriate for black tie or something slightly less formal
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Black Suit
In the business world, a perfectly tailored black suit is a fail-safe gold standard. But it has appeal beyond the workplace: When you show up anywhere dressed in a well-fitted jacket and skirt, you look proper, polished, and modern. That’s why it is important to invest in the best-constructed suit you can afford, even if it means spending more than usual. Not only will you rely on this fashion overachiever as an ensemble but you can also really get your money’s worth by wearing the skirt and the jacket as separates

Black Pumps
This perennial fashion favourite has withstood the test of time because it is the go-to shoe for day or night, jeans or trousers or skirts, dressy occasions or more casual events. Whether perfectly plain or adorned with a subtle pattern, a pair of black pumps adds polish to any outfit
Courtesy of
French-Cuff Dress Shirt
Nothing elevates a pair of trousers, a skirt, or a suit like a classic French-cuff dress shirt. The simple upgrade of the cuffs adds elegance to an otherwise ordinary shirt and helps create a look that will feel as appropriate for pitching a new client as it does for hosting a casual Sunday brunch

Black pants
A sleek pair of black trousers with a flattering fit not only transcends trends, it is a master of multitasking. Black pants are one of the few wardrobe staples that you can wear with just about anything else in your closet. Look for a slim fit, making sure the hem falls just an inch or so above the floor. Theres nothing worse than pants that drag along the floor as you walk
Courtesy of
Dark denim jeans
Everyone should have a pair of favorite jeans — you know, the kind of jeans that make you feel sexy, pulled together, and comfortable. These jeans should be current in style, and the cut should be one that flatters your best assets. The great news is that nowadays jean companies are making jeans to accommodate every body type. So figure out what your body type is, then pick the cut of your jeans accordingly. If you are only investing in one pair of jeans, go with dark denim. They are more slimming and more versatile. For a day look wear them with a cami, cardigan and flats. For a night look wear pumps, fancy top and a blazer

Leather day bag
A leather day bag in black or brown can take you through the week. The key is to go for a good quality leather that will last for years. The amount you spend is totally up to you. Never over fill your bag, as this will stress the lining, so clean out your bag weekly. Replace your bag before it looks to old and scruffy 
Courtesy of
Great fitting undergarments
The right undergarments make your clothes fit better and help to make you look thinner. Also the right fitting underwear offers a seamless look under your clothes. Select skin-tones for more variations of use such as trouser, denim or skirts. Quality is important, they should last, but not forever. When the elastic starts to give way its time to toss them

Every occasion coat

A timeless coat that will take you from season to season is a must in every womans wardrobe. A single breasted lined coat that hits mid-thigh is always a good buy. This classic style is flattering for both curvy and petite silhouettes. A mid-thigh hem is great with skirts, jeans and trousers. Try to avoid embellishments or decorative pockets. As far as color choice, keep it simple, don’t be tempted by all the candy colors that go in and out with the seasons. That’s what the scarves and gloves are for. Camel or Charcoal are good colours to buy. Black is good too, but if you own a pet you will be spending more time picking off pet hair than looking stylish 

Courtesy of
Designer sun glasses
Have at least one pair of designer sunglasses of good quality. There are many great brands to choose from such as Gucci, Prada, etc. Its important to only invest in good quality as they last and they protect you from harmful UV rays that are damaging to your eyes

Sexy Shoes That Can be Worn for at Least Five Hours
Maybe a strappy heel in a matte gold, or a matte metallic. These shoes will take your basic black dress from day to evening, make your work suit suddenly cocktail party-appropriate, and even jazz up jeans and a sparkly top for a night out on the town.
A contrast color like purple, red, or teal or even an animal print can often complement more pieces in your closet than a neutral
Cheers Tanya

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Natural cleaning tips for flea market finds

It's great to clean with natural ingredients and better for the environment.

Before using any of these natural remedies, test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. When working with valuable antiques or collectibles, contact a professional prior to cleaning or refurbishing 

Pewter - I know this sounds strange but to polish pewter, gently rub the item with cabbage leaves and buff with soft cloth, works a treat

Wax – To remove caked-on wax from candle holders, place them in the freezer for several hours. Wax should come right off

Wood Furniture – To clean and shine wood furniture, combine two parts olive oil to one part lemon juice until mixed. Use a clean cloth to apply the solution to the furniture. Wipe off excess cleaner with lint-free cloth

Microwaves – Yard sales are great places to pick up pre-owned microwave ovens. To remove stubborn grit and grime from the inside of the oven, simply steam it clean! Place a glass measuring cup filled with water inside the oven and heat until boiling. Remove the measuring cup and wipe down oven with a clean cloth. The food should wipe right off

Glass Cleaner – This quick tip could not be easier.  To bring up old glass like new again, clean glass with lemon juice, avoiding streaks as you wipe

Paint – To remove old paint from glass windows, apply hot vinegar to paint and rub. The paint should lift off easily

Old Suitcases - Vacuum inside and out to remove any dirt and dust, carefully wipe hard surfaces with a paper towel dampened with white vinegar. To clean interiors lightly spray with a 50/50 water vinegar solution, wait 5 min then use a damp sponge to wipe away any mold  mildew or dirt, you may need to repeat this step a few times, washing the sponge each time. Leave case open and allow to dry completely in a sunny position

Old Rugs and furniture - Sprinkle generously with coffee grounds. Wait 24 hours then vacuum. Vodka is a natural deodorizer and kills bacteria. Simply fill a spray bottle with the cheap stuff, and use it straight. You won't smell the alcohol once it dries. Spray rugs, upholstery, draperies and other textiles liberally with the vodka and let dry. Also baking soda is great as its completely nontoxic and absorbs odors marvelously

Antique tin - If well maintained, an antique tin can be passed down from one generation to another for decades without losing its luster. Incorrect cleaning might be the biggest factor in antique tin becoming damaged and losing its luster. Gentle cleaning is required especially if the tin has a pattern. Never rub the tin only use a dry soft cloth and gentle patting. A soft paint brush is good to use as well. If after all these steps the antique tin is still dirty, use a mild soap and water to gently wash the tin. Then dry thoroughly as tin can rust, so only do this as an absolute last resort. Never use scrub pads or steel wool to clean antique tin with

Monday, September 10, 2012

Crocheted stones

Artist Margaret Oomen has wonderful creations that leave you speechless. These crocheted stones are gorgeous. She also has an Etsy Shop where you can purchase her crocheted stones (if you're quick enough since they go so quickly!) as well as beautiful still life photographs of her crocheted stones
Some words from Margaret Oomen
Currently I am using stones that have been made smooth by the constant energetic forces of nature. I have collected them during my travels and from the kind donations of wonderful people all over the world. I feel the ocean and sea stones connect us in ways difficult for us to fathom. I cover these stones using only repurposed vintage threads worked with vintage crochet hooks. I like the idea that these materials were forming lace patterns long before I used them in my own two hands to cover the stones. The crochet patterns are almost always inspired by things I have observed in nature: lichen, leaves, webs, frost patterns, and snowflakes, to name a few.  Fractal patterns, Fibonacci, and other mathematical sequences are more obvious with some of the crocheted stones than in others.  Most of my patterns are made up as I crochet along using the color, texture, and shape of the stone to guide me.  When I am not crocheting I am arranging my collections and photographing them in arrangements that emphasize their relationships to each other and the natural world

See more on Margerets blog   

Margeret Ooman's crocheted orb by day and by night, to see how this orb is made go here

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spring inspiration

I came across this colourful design on and had to share it with you, the room is so busy a lot is happening but it all works together

Create a casual living room that sings "spring," brimming with juicy citrus colors. Add brightly colored vases, spunky patterned pillows, a painted jute rug, and flea market finds to your space for a fresh feel without spending a fortune.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Stylish ways to revamp your kitchen ware for under $50

Most of the designs below are DIY projects and each costs less than $50 to implement in your home. Enjoy!

This is a cheap easy way to vamp up white plates. Just take a few plates, a porcelain pen and some masking tape to use as a guide when writing. Then start copying the text of your choice on the rim of the plate. The result is fantastic.

If you have some free time on your hands and feel like adding some color into the kitchen, this idea is easy to implement. Use regular non-toxic craft paint, then coat with clear varnish to create this look. You can hang the partially-coloured utensils on the wall or place them in a drawer-either way, they will be very easy to reach

Do you like knitting? Then check out these original tiny “clothes” which may not serve any major practical purpose (they do help with a better grip when the cup is hot, though), but look pretty as a picture. Go here for a step by step tutorial on how to make your own “cup cozies”  And when you are done with that, go further and envision something similar for your teapot as well

Porcelaine 150 markers can be of great help when revamping your kitchenware. The two examples above are very simple to do yet look amazing when finished. The set can be bought from IKEA; after drawing, bake the dishes for 35 minutes at 300 degrees to make the design permanent

This finished tray above was originally brown wood with an old uninspiring pattern. The old tray was simply sandered back, then taped off with painters tape in two stages. The result is a modern looking tray with an eye-catching chevron pattern

The picture above shows a great idea,  just by hanging any nicely decorated irregular-shaped plates on your kitchen wall or even on the living room room wall you get a fun decoration characterized by a high level of originality. Works great in a traditional or eclectic space.

Use several teapots and mugs to create great flower arrangements. Whether you choose the simple version-placing some flowers in a cool set of coffee cups or mugs inside, or the slightly more difficult idea-painting some mugs or teapots in vivid colors and hanging them outside, the effect is always spectacular.

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