Monday, September 3, 2012

Stylish ways to revamp your kitchen ware for under $50

Most of the designs below are DIY projects and each costs less than $50 to implement in your home. Enjoy!

This is a cheap easy way to vamp up white plates. Just take a few plates, a porcelain pen and some masking tape to use as a guide when writing. Then start copying the text of your choice on the rim of the plate. The result is fantastic.

If you have some free time on your hands and feel like adding some color into the kitchen, this idea is easy to implement. Use regular non-toxic craft paint, then coat with clear varnish to create this look. You can hang the partially-coloured utensils on the wall or place them in a drawer-either way, they will be very easy to reach

Do you like knitting? Then check out these original tiny “clothes” which may not serve any major practical purpose (they do help with a better grip when the cup is hot, though), but look pretty as a picture. Go here for a step by step tutorial on how to make your own “cup cozies”  And when you are done with that, go further and envision something similar for your teapot as well

Porcelaine 150 markers can be of great help when revamping your kitchenware. The two examples above are very simple to do yet look amazing when finished. The set can be bought from IKEA; after drawing, bake the dishes for 35 minutes at 300 degrees to make the design permanent

This finished tray above was originally brown wood with an old uninspiring pattern. The old tray was simply sandered back, then taped off with painters tape in two stages. The result is a modern looking tray with an eye-catching chevron pattern

The picture above shows a great idea,  just by hanging any nicely decorated irregular-shaped plates on your kitchen wall or even on the living room room wall you get a fun decoration characterized by a high level of originality. Works great in a traditional or eclectic space.

Use several teapots and mugs to create great flower arrangements. Whether you choose the simple version-placing some flowers in a cool set of coffee cups or mugs inside, or the slightly more difficult idea-painting some mugs or teapots in vivid colors and hanging them outside, the effect is always spectacular.


  1. What a wonderfully written article. There are some nice ideas here; I especially like the porcelain pen. I might have to get one myself.

    1. Hello Anonymous, I love the pen idea as well and also the clothes for the coffee cups, so cute. Tanya


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