Sunday, October 21, 2012

My spring time garden

Hello Friends
I was out in my garden this morning enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful spring day and I was inspired to take some photos and share them. This bush flowers like this every year about the middle of October. It makes a beautiful colourful display.

Another view with some more garden included. I love how green every thing is.

A miniature Daisy bush, that I trim back every year, then in spring time it produces lots of flowers.

A couple of potted plants and a funky jug my daughter made 

My Jasmine is just starting to blossom, I love the smell. I am trying to train the jasmine to climb up the pole and along the wood that makes up the pergola.

I need to plant some more flowers here. Lots of colourful ones. A work in progress.

Cheers Tanya

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