Monday, October 29, 2012

Mineral House - Tokyo

Hello Friends
This is a fantastic house found on The Cool Hunter that looks small and boxy on the outside but is roomy and well set out on the inside. Love it.
Reflection of Mineral is a 480-square-foot (about 45 square meters) residence located in downtown Tokyo's Nakano ward. Designed by architect Yamashita Reflection of Mineral has received wide architecture and design media attention and numerous international awards.      
This house by Yasuhiro Yamashita Architectural Studios is an elegant expression of modern Japanese minimalism  and an example of brilliant use of a sparse site, a requirement in the tight space of downtown Tokyo

Yasuhiro Ymashita who was born in Kagoshima in 1960. He established Atelier Tekuto his architectural studio in Tokyo in 1991

Friday, October 26, 2012


Hello Friends
I found these on, if you like doodling like I do, try these for fun instead. According to creating Zentangles is enjoyable and rewarding.  It might seem daunting when you look at what appear to be complex patterns, but each is really just a set of steps.  When you combine tangles is when the magic really happens. They also sell the products you need to help you create these wonderful designs.

More Zentangle Fun!
Cheers Tanya

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My spring time garden

Hello Friends
I was out in my garden this morning enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful spring day and I was inspired to take some photos and share them. This bush flowers like this every year about the middle of October. It makes a beautiful colourful display.

Another view with some more garden included. I love how green every thing is.

A miniature Daisy bush, that I trim back every year, then in spring time it produces lots of flowers.

A couple of potted plants and a funky jug my daughter made 

My Jasmine is just starting to blossom, I love the smell. I am trying to train the jasmine to climb up the pole and along the wood that makes up the pergola.

I need to plant some more flowers here. Lots of colourful ones. A work in progress.

Cheers Tanya

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More great gift ideas

Sand Bowl made with sand and glue mixed together then left to drip over an upturned bowl, how neat is this, an unique gift idea

Magazine Bead Bracelet 

All you need to make this Hula Hoop rug is, as the name says: 1 hula hoop, about a dozen t-shirts and scissors. How easy is that. This would make a great present.

Re-usable Lunch Containers made out of milk or juice cartons

These are awesome made out of used milk or juice cartons

Snack Bag Chain Bracelet, can be made out of chip bags or candy wrappers

Washi Tape Notebook. These are always a great gift idea

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Microwaveble heating bags

Hello Friends
These are the best for aches and pains or just to cozy up to when its cold and miserable outside, I found these cute homemade ones below, to find out how to make them just follow the links below the images. Happy creating
Find out how to make these here:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great home made craft finds

Hello Friends
These are called burp cloths and can be made for a boy or a girl depending on the colour ribbon you use when making them. You only need a few materials and some spare minutes to whip them together so for the tutorial on how to make them go to Source:

Do it yourself personalized photo pendants are fun and easy to make. A great gift idea. For the tutorial go here: Source:

Accordion style recycled magazine rack, I love this one and its so easy to make. For the tutorial go here: Source:  

If you are a bird lover, try your hand at making this one. Pretty bird wall art, for the tutorial go here: Source: 

This DIY wall art is super easy to make. I have a canvas the perfect size, guess what I will be doing this weekend. For the tutorial go here: Source:

Recylced magazine butterfly collage. This looks awesome and is unbelievably simple to make. For the tutorial go here: Source:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beaded crystal curtins

Hello Friends
I love beaded crystal curtains, this one below is my favourite. I've also included some others I have found as well

Love Tanya

Link within

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